Hanna Hi-83203 Water Meter

When trying to keep Koi, good water quality is essential.  Monitoring and controlling water parameters such as the oxygen level as well as pH and nitrate content in water is vital in ensuring healthy koi. The Hanna Hi-83203 water testing meter is an easy to use tool to keep a close tab on the most important parameters in aquaculture.

Simply take a sample of water and place it in the unit to be zeroed. Add reagents to it and place it back in the Hanna Hi 83203. The meter will then show you the relevant value in mg/L or µg/L in clear digits on a large LCD. No need to match colors, calibrate probes or change membranes. All has been made simple so that you may get on with more rewarding tasks, such as producing healthy fish!

The new Hanna Hi-83203 multi-parameter unit, like its former model C203, will precisely and rapidly measure ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, total chlorines, dissolved oxygen, copper and phosphate levels. All of these will have an impact on the long-term health of your koi. As the former model was so successful, a new model has been launched with many improvements including an LCD display which greatly enhances the user friendliness of the machine. The display allows the user to use the step by step help function or the save and recall feature which enables previous tests to be reviewed. Improvements have also been made to the optical systems of the 83203 making the results more reliable and accurate. The 83203 allows fast and easy water testing, whilst also giving laboratory accurate results at the pond side.